Terms of Trade

We can protect you from the Personal Property Securities Act & Register.

Without your consent, unpaid for goods or services sold by you can be owned by your debtors’ bank or almost anyone except you!

Fixing items marked in red in your Terms of Trade NOW will prevent problems

This is because the Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) invalidates traditional retention of title clauses from 30 January 2012 onwards.

We help save you at modest cost with new Terms of Trade that include PPSA and other protective clauses

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Another reason you need bother with this is it also affects your ownership of:

  • Vehicles, plant, equipment & other assets:
  • Intellectual property and licenses;
  • Bills of sale, car, truck, plant, equipment leases, crop liens and much more

The PPSA helps bankers and the like sleep more soundly! Our legal-process outsource specialists will help you sleep more securely at modest cost!


The PPSA creates a new national Register of who owns what. It means that what is yours might not be for much longer...........
....because your permission isn't needed for others to snatch it from you!


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Our Advantages:

  • Our Terms of Trade can cost less than half what most lawyers and rivals charge
  • Ours contain more protective clauses
  • We provide guidelines on registering goods, services & intellectual property on the Personal Property Securities Register(PPSR)
  • We update every clause in your Terms of Trade at no extra cost to provide extra protection
  • Our Terms of Trade are supervised by an experienced lawyer

Your New Terms of Trade will contain

  1.  Application
  2.  Ordering
  3.  Pricing
  4.  Delivery
  5.  Risk & Insurance
  6.  Inspection & Acceptance
  7.  Returns & Defects
  8.  Maximum Liability
  9.  Warranty
  10.  Payment
  11.  Credit Card Fees
  12.  Suspension of Account
  13. Default & Interest
  14. Costs & Penalties
  15. Security for Payment
  16. Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA)
  17. Consumer & Competition Act 2010
  18.  Trade Practices & Fair Trading Acts
  19. Reservation of Title
  20. Right of Set Off
  21. Intellectual Property Rights
  22. Confidentiality
  23. No Waiver
  24. Privacy Act
  25. Termination
  26. Notices
  27. Disputes
  28. Validity
  29. Not an Agent
  30. Governing Law
  31. Changes to Terms
  32. Acceptance of Terms

What’s missing from yours?

If clauses marked in red are missing, your Terms of Trade need prompt attention!