About Credit Control

Good business is built on good decisions which include good credit management. With professional communications and proven procedures in credit management services we build your relationships with customers.

Giving Credit is risky and you need to be aware of your exposure to bad debt and be able to manage business debtors.

Bad Debt risk begins immediately you give credit.

  • 2% immediate bad debt risk
  • 15% default risk at 60 days
  • 25% default rate at 90 days
  • Rapidly worsening at 120 days where the odds of getting paid are not much more than 50%

A Typical Aged Debtor Profile

Look at your debtor list to see whether you need to review your Credit Control procedures.
We always strive to achieve better than a Typical Profile.

Typical Profile   Our Goal
To achieve and maintain 90% of your Accounts Receivables in current or <61 days.   To achieve and maintain 95% of your Accounts Receivables in the current or <61 days & to have no debt outstanding >60 days unless previously agreed or an action plan is in place to receive payment.
typicalprofile.png   ourgoal.png
** Assuming normal trading terms of 30 days    

How does your Accounts Receivable ledger compare?
If you have 10% or more of your Accounts Receivables in the 60+ day range then you need to take some action NOW. Accounts receivable management and credit control are essential to running a prosperous business. With a professional credit manager it's no longer a balancing act.

Be smart, take that important step today -  Contact Us Now about Accounts Receivable management. We are a provider of the best credit controller services in Australia.